North Cove Mushrooms

North Cove Mushrooms shiitake and oyster can be found at Farmers Markets and Restaurants, please check the Find Us page for more info, and Like us on FaceBook to get updates on where to find us, what we are growing, and whats new. 

North Cove Mushrooms is a local farm, built from the ground up by Eason Burke and Robin Serne of Brightwood, VA. We specialize in producing high quality Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms year round.

Our growing methods use an environmentally friendly process. Starting with a industry ‘byproduct‘- oak chips, sawdust, straw, and cottonseed hulls- and ending with nutritious compost, we cultivate flavorful chemical free mushrooms for the local market. You can find our fresh mushrooms in  Culpeper, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Washington DC, and surrounding areas.

Our business is inspired by our love of shopping at farmers markets, and the excitement of finding local food on a restaurant menu. We noticed that the availability and quality of one of our favorite foods- mushrooms- was very hit and miss. We are proud to be contributors to our community and the local food movement by filling this niche with our year round shiitake and oyster production.

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Here is our recipe collection, along with health info, and other resources, like mushroom books we love.