Our Mushrooms

Environmental sustainability, wellness, and supporting the local economy and community are central to North Cove Mushroom’s philosophy.

By being part of the “local food movement” we help reduce the shipping and packaging generated by the long distance food system. We value the local community formed at farmers markets, and the relationships between farmers and restaurants- all based on delicious healthy food.

Our mushrooms grow on natural materials.  Our end byproduct is compost for the garden and food for our cows.

We use no harmful chemicals on our mushrooms.  We use diluted hydrogen peroxide (just like we use on our own bodies to clean scrapes and cuts) to prevent mold from growing in our greenhouse.  Other companies use bleach, formaldehyde, and pool cleaning chemicals directly on their mushrooms.  Peroxide costs us more, but we fully believe it is worth it to protect our health and environment.

Growing indoors allows us to time our harvest maximize freshness, taste, and texture.  Our mushrooms are weeks fresher than those at the grocery store.  We pick every day, sometimes twice, so our mushrooms are always harvested at peak freshness.  North Cove mushrooms keep longer in their beautiful condition because they are protected from insects and harsh weather while they are growing.  


North Cove uses a state-of-the-art greenhouse to grow fresh Shiitakes year round on oak chip blocks.  Our blocks are faster and easier for the fungus to grow on than whole solid logs, and this allows us to harvest shiitakes every week. Plus, we don’t have to cut down our beloved oak trees! Our shiitake growing process takes an industry byproduct (sawdust and chips), and turns it into healthy fresh mushrooms and decomposed wood that is ready for the compost pile.  All our waste is composted and used to build rich vibrant soil.

Shiitake mushrooms have a wonderful smoky, earthy flavor and meaty texture.  We love to saute them with garlic, butter, and white wine.  They are easy to use in any recipe that calls for mushrooms.

Shiitake can be found in many of our prepared foods products including:  Ravioli, Shiitake Bean Burgers, Mushroom Artichoke Dip, Broth, Lasagna, Soup, Reishi Remedy Tea and Tea Mix, Tinctures, Salt Mix, and Dry Mushroom Garden Pasta.  

Shiitake are well known for their health boosting properties.  They are great immune system boosters- they activate the body’s “killer cells” which find and kill cancer cells.  Shiitake contain antioxidants (selenium, manganese, and zinc) which bind to damaging loose oxygen atoms in the body.  They are also are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.





Our golden and blue oyster grow on bags of straw- another agricultural waste product that we convert into wonderfully healthy mushrooms, and, eventually, compost for the garden.  Oyster mushrooms have a sweet, nutty, butter flavor.  They cook quickly and are great sauteed with butter and lemon.

Oyster can be found in many of our prepared foods products, including: SeaCakes, Ravioli, Lasagna, Soup, and Tinctures. 

Oyster mushrooms are best known for their immune system boosting qualities, and their ability to quickly and effectively balance cholesterol (by reducing cholesterol absorption and increasing it’s removal )when eaten several times a week. They also cleanse the cardiovascular system by removing plaque that binds to the blood vessel lining.

Oyster and shiitake are fat, cholesterol, and gluten free.  They are low in calories and carbs, but high in nutrients, including fiber.  Shiitake & oyster have as much protein as beans, and all eight amino acids (in better proportion than meat, dairy, or eggs).  They are a good source of iron, B Vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and  potassium.  Mushrooms are also good for balancing pH with their high alkaline ash content.





Lion’s Manelions mane

Lion’s Mane has a wonderful buttery Lobster flavor. It is chewy and juicy.  Try cooking lions mane in a hot skillet with salt over medium heat for five minutes, then add butter, pepper, and green onions.  Lions Mane is great roasted.  Lions mane is also very good used in dishes where it can blend in and soak up the flavor of the dish- dip, risotto, lasagna, shepherds pie, casseroles, etc.

Lions Mane can be found in our Ravioli, Mushroom Artichoke Dip, Lasagna, Soup, and Tinctures.

Lion’s Mane is known medicinally for its support to the nervous system- both to the brain and to any other part of the body that has been damaged. 



Maitake has a delicious umami woodsy flavor.  It is excellent paired with Shiitake mushrooms.  Maitake is great sauteed or roasted.  It is one of our favorite mushrooms that we never get tired of!

Maitake can be found in our Ravioli, Reishi Remedy Tea and Tea Mix, Tinctures, and Salt Mix.

Medicinally, maitake is known for supporting the immune system and helping the body fight cancer, bacteria, viruses, and yeast.



Pioppino has a pleasant strong mushroom flavor.  The caps are tender, and the stems are firm, but both are excellent to eat.  We usually chop the whole mushrooms and sautee it all together.

Pioppino can be found in our Ravioli, Soup, and Lasagna. 


Pioppino, like maitake, are active against cancers and help the body fight bacteria and viruses.

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